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This month, we introduce you to five different varieties of torque heads and announce our new Betafill product - our brand new peristaltic pump filling solution. We also have a SPECIAL OFFER for the first 20 customers who complete the Contact Form on our Website during March 2017...

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Ross Prior
Managing Director

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At Cap Coder we also manufacturer torque heads both for our customers and other equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate into their own machines. Currently we have five different varieties of torque head on offer.

Firstly, our standard CC720 Torque Head is available in two and three jaw options. This is ideal to fit into existing machines where the space is limited.

Our second torque head, the 2 Position Rise and Fall, is a two position torque head. After tightening is complete, the torque head rises out of the way so that the next container can moved into place. It then descends to tighten the next cap. See video bottom right.

Our third torque head, the 3 Position Pick and Place, picks up the new cap and rises out of the way of the cap presentation method. It then descends back into position, places and then tightens the cap before rising again.

Our fourth torque head, the Linear Servo Drive version can be used for cap tightening and/or pick and place operation, where a linear ball screw controls the rise and fall of the head. This is useful where different bottle heights are used, as the height differences can be accommodated within the control PLC, and the head does not have to be re-positioned manually for each height. It also allows for more control of the action of the torque head and can help increase the production speed.

Our fifth torque head, the Rotary Twin uses two torque heads pitched about a rotary actuator. This enables two caps to be addressed at the same time, giving the opportunity for improved throughput. Whilst one torque head is picking up a new cap, the other is placing and tightening another cap on a container, both at the same time. The torque head then twists 180 degrees and the freshly picked cap is placed and tightened whilst a new cap is picked up.

Finally, the first four units above can be fitted with a Torqsense Transducer, which accurately measures the torque applied to each cap on every bottle, and displays this information on a digital display panel. Importantly, it also records this data onto your computer hard drive, which is especially useful in applications where proof of performance and consistency is needed for quality control.

If we can help you with bespoke or standard torque heads for your capping machines, please contact Ross and his team on 01865 891466 or email:


Following the success of our Alphafill Filling Solution, we are delighted to announce our brand new peristaltic pump - the Cap Coder Betafill.

This standalone machine is designed to deliver precisely controlled doses of liquids into containers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, diagnostic and other high-value industries. Using new technical developments, we have dramatically increased the dosage accuracy and our improved variable-speed stepper motor ensures that the dosage delivery is precisely calculated. Operators can program the exact dosage on the touch-screen interface for any size of delivery tube and can save up to 10 programs for future use.

An additional head can be added to fill two containers at the same time with the same dosage or up to four additional machines can be linked in parallel as "slave pumps" to fill up to 5 different containers with different liquids and different doses - all at the same time.

There is also an optional diving nozzle that descends into the neck of each container, delivers the dosage and then retracts out of the way. Combined with programmable "suck back" techniques, this eliminates any drips and spillage, reducing downtime and prolonging the life of the machine.

The Betafill pumps can also be integrated into a capping machine to provide a seamless one stop solution for your filling and capping requirements.

CLICK HERE to find out more about our peristaltic filling pumps.

If you're looking for a more accurate and faster filling solution, please contact Ross and his team on 01865 891466 or email:


Maintaining your Cap Coder equipment from a simple Bench Top Cap-Tightening Machine to a complete Automatic Monobloc, Filling, Plugging and Capping Machine is very important.

These machines should be regularly cleaned, with spillages removed immediately, and the machine should be inspected regularly. You should check that the guards and doors are working correctly and that there are no air leaks. Additionally, there should be no water or oil entering the pneumatic system.

For optimum performance and consistent repeatability of the torque head, we recommend a complete Cap Coder service at least once a year. During this service, we will replace the 'O' Seals and Lip Seals, as well as any other parts in the torque head which may have become worn.

To encourage you to book your service, Cap Coder will supply a complete Seal Kit "Free of Charge" to the first 20 customers who complete the Contact Form on our Website during March 2017 and enter the phrase: FREE SEAL KIT in the subject field.

This offer is only open to machine owners (not OEM's) and is limited to one FREE SEAL KIT per customer.

To book your service, please contact Ross and his team on 01865 891466 or email:


Cap Coder is a family-run UK engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of both standard and bespoke bottling, capping & coding machines. Established in 1976 and based near Oxford, Cap Coder offers practical and innovative solutions for all volume filling and capping requirements.

For over 40 years, we have continued to design, manufacture, supply and maintain bespoke machines and technical solutions to national and international clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical, complimentary medicine, cosmetic, toiletries, food and beverage, and e-cigarettes sectors.

We also design, build, develop and maintain Torque Heads for automatically applying caps or tightening caps placed onto containers. Everything we produce is manufactured to ISO 9001-2008 build standard, CE marked and supplied complete with a Certificate of Conformity or a Certificate of Incorporation as appropriate.

If you have any questions about filling, bottling, capping, coding, or any bespoke solutions for your production line, please contact Ross and his team on 01865 891466 or email:


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