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June 2015 Newsletter        

Welcome to our latest newsletter,

Oxford College of First Aid is a well-established and highly respected organisation providing a wide range of approved First Aid and Health and Safety related courses to individuals and organisations across the country.

Our goal is to keep you up to date with the latest developments in Health and Safety that may affect your business and we will also publish useful hints and tips, interesting stories and feature the occasional competition with prizes.

Many of our courses are tailored and presented in-house for specific companies, so if we can help you, please email us at or call us on 01235 810619.

Jane Hoskin
Oxford College of First Aid


Modern defibrillators are very sophisticated. They come with on-board instructions, a nice lady voice who talks to you, a shock prevention device so it will only work if the patient needs a shock, etc.

So you don't need any training, do you? - Oh yes, you do!

And here's why... Do you remember the very first time you put petrol in your car, or made that telephone call that you knew was going to be really awkward, or even bungee-jumped for the first time?

The fear and trepidation that you felt before starting the task almost stopped you from attempting it. Now, having done this task a thousand times, how do you feel about refilling the car or picking up the telephone? Not even a twinge… except maybe before the bungee jump!

When the heart has stopped, every single second that passes by reduces the odds of the patient surviving. So do you really want to be unpacking the defibrillator for the first time in a life or death situation? Working out where the pads go and whether you need to shave the patient's chest… Making sure the patient isn't lying on metal, which will transmit the serious electric shock to everyone else in contact with the same metallic flooring…

We applaud any organisation who is investing in a defibrillator particularly statistics suggest that survival rates from heart attacks rise from 5% to an average of 38% with the correct use of defibrillators and CPR.

BUT without investing in proper training in the use of the defibrillator and also the proper use of CPR, you may have wasted your money.

And therefore we congratulate Didcot Town Council, A Plan Insurance, Oxford Software and also Oxford University's Linacre College for investing in our defibrillator and full training package.

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If we can help you with your training needs, please call us on 01235 810619.


" ever..."

"The content level was 'excellent' and the course was the 'best ever'. The standard of instruction from Dawn was 'brill'...!"

Alex Cortis


We have been made aware of a recent case where a member of the public suffered a fit in a shopping centre. He was attended by two members of staff who unfortunately treated him incorrectly and actually made his condition worse.

These staff members were trained in Eastern Europe and held Eastern Europe First Aid Certificates. However, the shopping centre is potentially facing legal action for the additional injury caused.

We are really sympathetic to all parties here. The staff had received training, although their implementation of that training proved disastrous. The shopping centre had checked their staff had valid first aid certificates and the casualty was an innocent victim of circumstances. In this situation, the only potential winners are lawyers.

So, and we hate to say it, but perhaps the standards of first aid training are not all the same the world over. Therefore, our unhappy conclusion is to ensure that all staff are trained in first aid in the UK. Bottom line - your investment in ensuring your staff comply completely with the HSE regulations and guidelines removes doubt, legal fees or worse, and is the responsible thing to do for your staff, visitors and customers.

To book your First Aid Training or Requalification (recommended annually but compulsory after three years), please click below:

 First Aid at Work  Kidlington, Oxford  Tue  23/06/2015
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 First Aid at Work
 Kidlington, Oxford  Wed 24/06/2015
 Thu  25/06/2015
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We can also tailor these courses and present them "in-house" for your organisation so, if this would suit you better, please email us at or call us on 01235 810619.

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Emergency First Aid at Work
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First Aid at Work
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Emergency First Aid at Work

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With an asthma attack, the muscles in the lungs spasm causing the airways to narrow, which makes breathing difficult.

Sometimes, there is a recognised trigger for an attack, such as an allergy, a cold, a particular drug or cigarette smoke. High pollen and hay fever can trigger attacks. Other times, there is no obvious trigger and many sufferers do have sudden attacks.

Most people with asthma can deal with their own attacks by using a reliever inhaler at the first side of attack. However, we suggest the following:

1. Keep calm and reassure the casualty. Help her take a puff of her reliever inhaler and use a spacer if she has one. Help her to breathe slowly and deeply.

2. Help her to sit down in the position she finds the most comfortable but do not let her lie down.

3. A mild attack should ease within a few minutes. If it does not, ask the casualty to take another dose from her inhaler.

4. Call 999/112 for emergency help if this is the attack is severe or if one of the following occurs:

The inhaler has no effect
The casualty is getting worse
Breathlessness makes talking difficult
She is becoming exhausted.

5. Monitor her vital signs - level of response, breathing and pulse until help arrives.

For more information, see or contact Jane Hoskin on 01235 810619.


1) How Kay Embra saved her neighbour's life after receiving training from OCFA.

2) Dian Slay talks about a recent delegate saving two lives after attending our OCFA course!

Click on the radios above to hear these amazing stories from BBC Radio Oxford.


Congratulations to Olga Pleguezuelos from Seekacure, who correctly answered that the main sponsor of this year's London Marathon was Virgin Money. Olga wins a £50 voucher for a meal for two at The Feathered Nest Inn in Nether Westcote.

This month, we are offering a £50 voucher for a meal for two at The Mole Inn - a beautiful country Pub & Restaurant set in the stunning Oxfordshire countryside at Toot Baldon just 5 miles from Oxford.

To win this fabulous prize, simply answer the following question:

"Which river is spanned by Oxford's Magdalen Bridge?"

Email your answer and contact details to Jane at: and we'll draw one lucky winner from the correct answers on Friday 19th June 2015.


This offer is for the new Zoll AED Plus defibrillator WITH full training for 8 people.

£1389 + VAT

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Oxford College of First Aid is a well-established and highly respected organisation providing a wide range of approved First Aid and Health and Safety related courses to individuals and organisations across the country. The College is an accredited centre of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and employs some of the best trainers in the industry.

In addition to the courses outlined on our website, our trainers also design bespoke courses to meet your specific requirements. Licensed by the Health and Safety Executive, our extensive selection of courses can also be held at your own premises.

Our highly qualified trainers, flexible approach and extremely competitive prices make us one of the principal providers of Health and Safety training across the country.

For more information, see or contact Jane Hoskin on 01235 810619.

These national and international bodies have approved our courses:


Jane Hoskin

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