Journey To A New And Better Place

An entirely new, one-day workshop for leaders who are at the sharp end of delivering physical change and psychological transition within their teams.


Communication: A clear action plan for translating the strategic intent for the change into concepts and actions that their team relate to.

Team Energy & Engagement: Action plans that will move team members through physical "change" into psychological "transition" with positive feelings, thoughts, behaviours.

Capability: Practice in handling some situations involved in achieving these changes.

Part One: Introduction

Discussion around successful implementation of any change/transition programme, where the goal is: Delivering our Strategy (intent of the change), by creating a Place (working environment) that enables the People (we have) to deliver the Performance (we need).

Part Two: Preparing for the Journey

Creating an environment: Conversations and actions where people choose to engage.

Passion not Procedures: Four basic human needs for creating an effective one-to-one conversation that creates trust and "safety".

Four Key Engagement Areas: Commitment, Energy, Confidence, Competence.

Part Three: Maintaining Energy & Engagement

Positive and Negative Team Energies: Tactics for creating Productive Team Energy and removing Corrosive, Resigned and Comfortable Energy.

Maintaining Productive Energy: 14 leadership styles for effective transition conversations.

Part Four: Arriving at a new and better place

Strategy: Communicating clearly the "triggers" for change

Building positive feelings: Growth, opportunity, renewed sense of security etc.

Reducing negative feelings: Insecurity, unsupported, unrecognised, betrayed, isolated etc.

Clarifying the links between: Strategy, Performance, People and Place

Part Five: Action Planning

Work with a colleague to combine learning into detailed action plans for implementation.

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