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March 2012 Newsletter

People - doing the business

Welcome to our March 2012 newsletter, which reminds us once again that when all the cost-cutting, de-layering, rationalisation and process improvements have been made, people remain the key factor in achieving our organisational goals.

This issue includes:
  • "Best Companies" - Leadership, Energy, Engagement & Trust
  • Talent Troubles - can HR fill the gaps?
  • Development Centres - pass or fail?
We also preview this year's programme of Wadenhoe Roadshow Events.

"Best Companies" - Energy, Engagement & Trust

Reading this year's Sunday Times results, it is once again clear that those organizations who focus on achieving "Best Companies" recognition, do so, not as an end in itself, but as a means of raising their profile and achieving better business results through people. So why aren't more companies doing it?

In the 2009 McCloud Report on employee engagement, three interlinked "barriers" to employee engagement are very clear (and we paraphrase):

  • Understanding what it is.
  • Getting started.
  • Keeping it simple.
Clients and regular readers of these newsletters will know that over the last four years Energy, Engagement and Trust has grown to be one of our main themes. So whether your organization is striving for "Extraordinary Best Companies" status or not, we thought that it would be worthwhile summarizing what we have on offer to help you get started and/or sustain good work already underway.

For more information please click here.
Talent Troubles - Can HR Fill The Gaps?

This is the headline in a recent CIPD Newsletter, which goes on to say:

"Over half (53%) of CEOs see talent shortages as the top threat to business expansion. This is one of the key findings from PwC's Annual Global CEO Survey. What are the implications of the survey's findings for HR?"

The headline comes as no surprise to us and probably no surprise to you.

The big question is: "What talent issues are keeping your stakeholders awake at night?

The even bigger question is: "What talent issues are keeping your stakeholders awake at night that you don't know about?

Drawing on our research into the identification and development of talented people, we consider the six key questions that HR need to ask and answer to be fully engaged with the Talent Agenda. Then go on to illustrate the resources we have available to help.

To discover these six key questions, please click here.
Development Centres - Pass Or Fail?

"Many organisations are still running Assessment Centres in the guise of Development Centres" says Ray Atkinson.

One of the cardinal rules of interviewing is not to ask questions that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no". Yet some Development Centres still have a propensity in that direction.

They can provide a powerful assessment for predicting performance and behaviour, but how successful are they at the equally important task of helping the individual and the organisation, plan how to develop their potential?

Ray Atkinson considers this question and summarises the seven key elements which make Development Centres engaging, energising and positive for all participants and their organisations.

To read about these seven key elements, please click here.
Finding The Best Talent... Everytime!

As clients and regular readers will know, our Wadenhoe focus is first-and-foremost on identifying and developing talent from within the organisation.

However, sometimes new strategies demand new capabilities and there's a need to look outside. Also, every external recruitment provides the opportunity to bring in new talent with further potential for internal development later.

We are very pleased to announce our new association with XECUTIVE SEARCH, who have an exceptional track record in this area. To find out more about them, please visit: www.xecutivesearch.com.
Wadenhoe Invitation

For the last two years we have been sending you newsletters and occasional articles, about "hot topics" highlighted during client conversations. These have influenced the direction of our business, so that although we still run large-scale leadership and change programmes, the majority of our research and operations now covers four broad themes:
  • Energy, engagement and performance
  • Talent identification and development
  • Natural and self-directed learning
  • Individual & Team Coaching
All underpinned by The Wadenhoe Model® our framework for making leadership development strategically effective.

As in previous years, we are running a series of "Roadshow" Workshops to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about us. I hope to meet you at one of them.

For more information about our Roadshows please click here.

Not all potential clients realise that at least 25% of our business is pure, investigative consultancy. We are often asked to carry out internal research on a particular organizational issue and make recommendations for action, without the delivery.

As everyone in our team has senior General and HR Management experience across all sectors, we are able to provide an exact match between our people and individual client requirements. This, coupled with use of the integrated approach provided by The Wadenhoe Model®, always ensures actionable, practical, business-focused outcomes.

Ray Atkinson
Managing Director

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