Benchmarking Best Practice
in Talent Pipeline Development

Our latest Benchmarking document contains all the Key Questions that will enable organisations to assess where to place their future energy in terms of a Talent Identification and Development. It is appropriate for organisations who already have a process in place, as well as those who are taking their first steps.

There are five sections covering:

The areas of business activity upon which the talent development process will have an impact and the standards/objectives of performance required.

The current behaviours, knowledge, skills, attitudes and diversity of people with management/leadership potential.

The organisational culture, climate, conventions and skills necessary to support talent development.

The aims, goals, objectives for talent development and their criticality/timeliness for the organisation.

The design of approaches and processes for talent development that "tell a story" and will deliver performance requirements within the required timeframe.

Within each section there are eight Key Questions.

To find out more about the full framework of questions and how Wadenhoe Consultancy can help you to generate the outcomes you need to take your next steps and/or prepare your business case, please email Sue Bell at:

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