"Scenario Thinking Workshop"

(can be tailored to individual organisational requirements)

1. Key Success Factors

Clarifying the ultimate team/organisational Goal and the internal key success factors on which the success of the team's business plans to achieve it will depend in the future.

2. First Stories

Constructing different "stories" about the future, based on a combination of elements or sequence of events.

3. Stories into Scenarios

Refining and checking each story to ensure that it is: challenging, recognisable, plausible, internally consistent and weighty.

4. Impact of Scenarios on Key Success Factors

Summarising the highlights of what would happen to each Key Success Factor under each different scenario.

5. Key Challenges, Issues or Choices

Identifying key challenges, issues and choices that need to be confronted under each scenario.

6. Goal Achievement

Working through what all this mean for the achievability of the original goal outlined in stage 1. Now the assumptions and risks are clearly brought to the surface. Uncertainty about future development is brought under mental control, potential risks are clarified and contingency plans can be prepared

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