Comprehensive Coaching Workshop

  • A set of learning and development actions, tailored to each of their people, which can be implemented immediately and sustained over time.
  • A broad range of capabilities that will help people to learn/develop, and the confidence to use them.
  • Full engagement in and understanding of their learning/development role and how it can be a "natural" part of leadership.

  • The business case for effective learning and development:
    - Engagement: Generating commitment, energy, confidence and competence
    - Performance Improvement: Having crucial conversations and raising "the bar"
    - Identifying Potential: Assessing potential with "stretch" assignments
    - Career Development: Being the "eyes and ears" of the organisation
  • Making learning and development operationally effective:
    - The Wadenhoe Model® and critical connections between each element
    - Stretching and supporting people to move their learning and development from passive adherence to active practice?
  • Practice in using the Four Energisers: Commitment, Energy, Confidence & Competence:
  • Recognising their current Coaching Capabilities and how this might be broadened.
  • Helping people to expand their learning/development network
  • Action plans for capitalising on all learning/development opportunities

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