Two days that successfully combine "assessment" and "development"

Apart from carefully tailored exercises that focus on Core Transferable "Thinking" and "Doing" Personal Qualities, there are five pre and post "centre" ingredients that differentiate Wadenhoe's approach from most of the rest:


Tele-briefing with participants and line managers, so that there is a clearly defined and immediate business benefit for attendance, alongside the longer-term career planning objectives.


One day, linked to individual psychometric and 360° profiles, with time to understand the Transferable Personal Qualities we are focusing on and opportunities to try them out with a range of practice exercises.

Goal Focus

Before the workshop we scope out the various leadership roles that we will be using as our benchmark - this provides us with the answer to the all-important question: potential for what?

It also enables us to design exercises that reflect each organisation's context, challenges and culture, while providing an "even playing field" for everyone.


Our process is totally "open" and we are absolutely clear with participants about the outcomes from each exercise and the "snapshot" that these provide about possible future personal and career development options.

Improvement Plans

This is about "link back" to the organisation.

Alongside recommendations for personal development, we provide everyone with the unique tools for self-directed learning, which have been developed from our research into "Natural Learning".

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