Research and experience means that we really do understand the challenges in creating a Talent Development culture and the key LEADERSHIP role that HR people can play in achieving it.

After completing a very successful series of Regional Briefings and learning a lot about more of the challenges facing HR, we are now able to offer a one-day event which provides further insights into six core themes and an overview of our Wadenhoe Model® Talent Development Navigator for strategy development.

All of this is summarised in more detail below:

Commitment - Getting management buy-in
  • Developing the leadership skills and passion that create a desire for action amongst all stakeholders
  • Identifying business areas where Talent Development will have an immediate impact.
  • Building a business case, based on our "case card" methodology
Clarity - Talent for what?
  • Recognising the Core Transferable Intellectual and Temperament Qualities required for success
  • Identifying the "step changes" in these Qualities as people move within an Organisation
  • Understanding the changing contexts which can affect success
Exploration - Finding talent everywhere
  • Developing line managers as the "eyes and ears" for talent identification and development
  • Making it easier for line managers to identify and communicate about talented people
  • Using tailored Assessment/Development Centres in the right context
Engagement - Nurturing talent

Creating a coaching culture where line managers are nurturing and "stretching" their people through:
  • Commitment
  • Energy
  • Confidence
  • Competence
Transfer: Breaking conventional boundaries
  • Energising Senior Management as Champions and Sponsors for Talent Development
  • Creating processes and protocols to underpin Senior Management activities
  • Encouraging informal networks
Impact: Evaluation & Measures
  • Testing the original business "case card" against an equivalent "score card"
  • Developing a process that measures R.O.I. and R.O.E. (where "E" is expectations)
  • Expressing business impact in the form of a clear Cost/Benefit analysis


Based on our original Wadenhoe Model®, the Talent Development Navigator provides the rigour, flexibility and practical application needed for the planning and implementation of sustainable talent development.

Talent Development Navigator

Behind what may appear to be a very simple approach, the Navigator provides a template that ensures your Talent Development Strategy and Operational Plan is:
  • Congruent and consistent across all elements.
  • Cohesive and co-ordinated yet flexible
  • Compatible with all other elements of the Business Strategy
To discuss options for a tailored in-house workshop or to reserve a place on one of our open workshops at Wadenhoe House Residential Management Centre, please email: ray@wadenhoeconsultancy.com or telephone: 01865 339558.

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