For over 20 years, The Wadenhoe Consultancy has been providing high-impact leadership, management and organization development, so we can honestly say that we have learned from previous recessions.

However, this recession is very different. It is widely recognized that recovery will largely depend on leadership capability to raise morale by re-kindling energy, engagement and trust.

This a multi-level change leadership challenge that we know many organizations are starting to address, and we have developed three short workshops for Senior, Middle and First-line Managers, that are designed to help.

At the end of these workshops:
  • Senior managers will leave with new strategies and tactics for re-focusing and sustaining energy within their organization and/or business units.
  • Middle managers feeling "squeezed" from above and below, will leave with new ideas and tools for communicating in all directions and capitalizing on everyone's potential in their departments.
  • First line management will have developed new approaches to re-engaging their teams through: commitment, energy, confidence and competence.
Each workshop will focus on turning negative energy into positive energy and "resigned" or "comfortable" teams into high-energy productive ones.

We will also focus on two of the key leadership competencies in implementing these changes: "Coaching" and "Emotional Intelligence".

Our "minimum intervention - maximum impact " workshops are always tailored to individual organisational requirements and can be run at any location to suit your organisation or at Wadenhoe House, our own residential Management Centre in Northamptonshire.

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