"Leaders can't make people engage, but they can create an environment by their conversations and actions, where people choose or don't choose to engage"

Links between Team Energy & Engagement

What is energy in teams and how can energy get "sapped"?

What kinds of team energies are there?

Tools for analysing the current state of teams and creating an environment for Engagement using Productive Energy
Individual Engagement "At a Distance"

The Leadership Engagement Balance

Tools for having "engaging" conversations that generate: Commitment, Energy, Confidence, Competence

Engagement "Conversation" Practice
Engagement at a Distance

Creating unity behind whole team, rather than local goals

Moving the decision-making focus to whole team priorities

Increasing the tangibility of whole team objectives

Moving the team from competition to collaboration

Establishing trust
Implementation, Measurement & Close

Using the "Engagement at a Distance" Implementation Pack

Preparing a Three Month Engagement "Snapshot" & Measures

Workshop Summary, Feedback & Close

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