Growing Your Own Leadership Talent


By the end of this partnership project member organisations will have developed the processes, environment and culture to ensure that leadership talent inside the
organisation is:
  • Correctly identified
  • Rapidly and appropriately developed
  • Equipped with the learning skills and behaviours to be effective at senior level.


The project will involve four one-day workshops spread over a 6 - 9 month period, plus consultancy support between workshops. A maximum of six HR Managers with strategic responsibility for Talent Development will attend.

Workshops will be highly interactive and based upon our learning and tools developed from three Wadenhoe research projects:

Identifying & Developing High Potential: This project captured the "Best Practice" approaches of UK and Global organisations to both the identification of individuals with High Potential and the processes for ensuring that this potential is fully realised.

Auditing Natural Learning: The focus of this work has been on examining approaches to learning and development taken by managers in their workplace. It recognises that most managers learning is informal and "natural" rather than formal.

Learning at the Top: Building on the previous work we examined in more detail the learning behaviours of people at the top of their organisations.

The whole project will be anchored in The Wadenhoe Model® our proprietary framework for making leadership/management development strategically effective.

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