"Individuals can't all be high potential - but teams can be"
- Ray Atkinson, Managing Director, The Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd.

Our unique workshop starts with a very focused "team assessment" exercise designed to quickly identify gaps between where the team is now and where they need to be - a High Potential Talented Team.

We then spend the rest of the day focusing on the high-impact, "game-changing" capabilities that will close the gaps. These include:

Engagement & Co-operation
  • Commitment to the role and the team
  • Confidence in self and encouraging others
  • Competence and developing others
  • Generating high level "Productive" Energy
  • Lifting "Comfortable/Resigned" Energy
  • Removing "Negative" Energy
"Sharing" Team Leadership
  • Agility to cope with unpredictable situations
  • Flexibility and adaptability through change
  • Playing to individual leadership strengths
Learning & Collaboration
  • Relationships that facilitate learning
  • Climate and style built on trust.
  • Collaboration across "borders"

Sustaining the Change

Another unique feature of this workshop is that teams leave with tailored team-managed learning pack. This enables them to continue the development that has been started at the workshop and evaluate progress against a set of balanced scorecard measures.

For a flavour of this "minimum intervention - maximum impact" workshop, join us at one of our breakfast briefing events in London, Northampton or Oxford. Further details are available from: sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

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