"Self-Directed Learning - Workshop Module Options"

(an outline approach that can be modified to specific organisational/team needs)


  • 80% of effective learning does not take place in a formal "training" environment.
  • Learning is generally more effective when it is self-directed.
  • Learning is about addressing current and future business challenges.
  • Self-directed learning fits well with organisations who are developing a learning culture.
  • Team learning provides the "+"s that help a team become greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Personal Learning Timeline

  • What are the experiences that have had most impact on your learning so far?
  • What was it about those experiences that made them so special?
  • Who are the people that have had the most impact on your learning so far?
  • What did those people do that made the experience so special?

  • Learning Styles & The Learning Cycle

  • What are learning styles and why are they important?
  • Understanding your own and other's learning styles
  • Implications for future learning
  • Traps in short-circuiting the Planning, Doing, Reviewing, Thinking Learning Cycle

  • Building & Maintaining an Effective Learning Network

  • List those people who you currently learn from (inside and outside of work)
  • Plot on the chart how you use these people to help your learning
  • How many people do you rely on for your learning?
  • Where are the gaps on the chart and what would be the benefits of filling them?
  • What strategies and tactics are available to fill these gaps?

  • Capitalising on Learning

  • Recognising blocks to learning and developing the enablers to overcome them
  • Personal, Team and Organisational Enablers
  • "Active" learning - adapting/trying new things and making connections/widening understanding.

  • Action Planning

  • The Wadenhoe Model® - for self-directed learning. Linking the business strategy to 5 "P"s:
        Performance, Person, Place, Purpose and Process
        - to form a rigorous, up-to-date, personal development plan
  • 90 day "snapshot"
  • Medium and long-term plans
  • Option for discussing and planning how they might use all of the above with their team

  • For more information, please contact Sue Bell at: sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

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