Making The Hard Yards - Engagement Is The Key...

Being an ardent sports fan, I am always mesmerised by the flashes of genius that illuminate a cold, wet afternoon, whatever the game. But I am equally conscious of the commitment, energy, confidence and competence of individuals that must exist before that genius can be released.

This is sometimes called "making the hard yards" and it's that extra level of individual skill and energy, which when combined in a team can achieve extraordinary results.

It's Thursday 12th January and I've just stopped in a service station on the M1 to write this email following a truly inspiring meeting with one of our clients. Why inspiring? Because I've seen and heard from each of the business unit teams, what they are achieving in terms of personal and business results. This "step change" has been achieved in the last year without any changes in personnel or major investment in dramatic new initiatives.

At the heart of The Wadenhoe approach to Engagement lie the solid frameworks of motivation, communication and performance development that we are all familiar with. Our special expertise is in helping organisations to make them effective. In this, and several other recent Engagement assignments, our role has been to challenge and support the organisation in simplifying, re-learning and implementing these frameworks in a rigorous and creative way.

Our experience tells us that the skills you need to fully engage people can usually be found inside organisations. At Wadenhoe we understand what is needed to create the playing field on which they can flourish, and in so doing achieve those "hard yards".

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If Engagement or any other aspect of leadership or organisation development is a priority for you in 2012, then please do get in touch.

Best wishes for 2012,

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