In this Summer Newsletter we are focusing on those talented people in all organizations that can often get missed in high potential talent development processes. They're not always graduates - if they are, then they might have got "lost" doing a great job in a specialist area. They don't always fit the precise "age profile" - being either "too young" or "too old". And they're not always the extrovert type that make a great first impression.

Yet organizations who are now moving into a growth phase can't afford to miss out on this hidden pool of talent. In this Summer Newsletter, we've included three articles that focus on some important things to consider when identifying and developing this vital, potentially hidden resource.

Uphill with the wind against me.

Has anyone played on a school field like this? In one of our recent studies following on from our research into ''whether excellent technical specialists can make excellent leaders'', we came upon an interesting observation. Although organisations were very keen to find potential amongst their specialists, many of their Development Centre activities, were using role-plays and case studies that were solely business-based, putting those people from generalist, operational roles at a distinct advantage.

Please click here to read this article, which focuses on how Development Centres can be designed to even up the playing field.

Growing Pains

Pam is feeling uncharacteristically down. She recently attended a Development Centre, at which she performed very well. However, in her quieter, more reflective moments at home, she talks with her partner about how her original optimism in the new role is drifting away, and with it the vital energy that has been her working style for the last five years.

Please click here to read this article, which looks at how organizations can prepare people for the transition from Specialist to First Line Manager.

A second chance to make a first impression.

Many years ago the phrase: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" was quoted widely on management programmes (and still is in some circles!). Yet we know that some of the most talented people in organizations don't fit the extrovert, polished style that can sometimes be subjectively and mistakingly used as the main criterion for talent identification.

Please click here to read this article, which focuses on how developing an effective network can help build confidence.

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