Talent For What?

Answering this question must be at the heart of any effective Talent Pipeline programme and our Rolescoping® process is designed to do just that.

Tailored to each organisational context it clarifies all of the step changes involved when someone is being considered for a career move. These include:
  • Moving from operational delivery to operations leadership of others to deliver.
  • Handling higher levels of problem-solving, creative thinking and decision-making
  • Thinking through tactical and strategic considerations, alongside operational ones.
  • Coping with broader and deeper business issues.
  • Working with new relationships - peers, stakeholders and senior management.
Level-by-level, it clarifies the management/leadership meta-competencies associated with:

Planning Work
Working Under Pressure
Managing Resources
Influencing Others
Working Efficiently
Working Effectively
Adapting to Change
Adding Value
Achieving Results

Rolescoping® removes any doubt about the level of challenge as roles increase in size and complexity.

Used in conjunction with Development Centres or other chosen methods of identification, understanding the size and complexity of roles provides two important outcomes:
  • Reliable career path and succession planning information for the organisation, which can be fed into the management/leadership pipeline.
  • Focused development planning information, which helps individuals to grow in their current role; make decisions regarding most appropriate career routes and prepare for future higher level roles.
To find out more about Wadenhoe Rolescoping® and how you can use it, please email Chris Hooton at: chris@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

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