Partnerships in Talent Pipeline Development

For over 25 years we have been providing consulting services in the area of Talent Identification and Development. However, many organisations that need to move fast to catch up in this field are turning to a "partnership" approach with three clear outcomes in view:
  • Developing a strategy fast
  • Obtaining clear operational outcomes fast
  • Becoming self-sufficient fast.
In one recent example involving a large logistics organisation and Wadenhoe Consultancy, we have worked in partnership in:
  • Developing their Strategy & Business Case
  • Communicating with Stakeholders
  • Scoping "Step Change" Roles
  • Using Development Centres to assess potential objectively
  • Structuring career development plans
  • Preparing succession and HR resourcing plans
  • Developing a "dashboard" of key measures and targets
  • Systems for monitoring, controlling and maintaining the strategy
  • Developing organisational culture; values and mechanisms to support the process.
  • Sustaining momentum
All this, with a view to developing the organisational team so that they are self-sufficient with all the in-house capability to maintain the programme over time.

Summarised below is a simple chart showing the four implementation stages involved. This will help organisations to decide what, if anything, still needs to be achieved.

Stage 1 Embryonic Inconsistent quality of conversations
Stage 2 Tactical Recognition of value but seen as HR arena
Stage 3 Strategic Senior support in principal but lacking alignment with strategy
Stage 4 Embedded Effective conversations are fully embedded into the culture

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