Talent Pipelines - A Wadenhoe Preview Workshop

"Someone said to me recently that Talent is the scarcest resource of all - it's not! The leadership challenge is finding it inside the organisation and then keeping it"

Ray Atkinson - January 2013.

The focus of this one-day Preview Workshop is to share our latest experience and thinking around Talent Pipelines. Sustaining the "Pipeline" metaphor, we will consider:

Exploration (Finding it)
Developing Line Managers so that they are better equipped to find raw talent and designing assessment/development processes that will confirm potential.

Refinement (Nurturing it)
Nurturing and developing your talent so that it is ready when you need it.

Distribution (Moving it)
Developing a shared language for transferable capabilities, which enable you to move talent around the organisation.

Consumption (Using it)
Capitalising on potential in a way that benefits the organisation; the individual and is at the same time renewable.

Then we will look at ways of removing four costly pipeline blockages caused by:

Procedures replacing Passion

Talent Management strategies that fail because they are just that - management - relying too much on monitoring and controlling the process.
Complicated Competencies

That confuse people and are not always generalisable across organisational, geographical, functional or cultural boundaries
Stereotype Succession Plans

Which reflect traditional approaches to "succession" and are often ignored, when put to the test in today's dynamic business environment.
Present Priorities

Short term fixes that distract from an effective strategy, resulting in de-motivating promotion mistakes and loss of confidence, by individuals and the organisation

In our experience a lot is said and written about "Talent Pipelines" without very many practical tools to support it. In this whole-day workshop, four of our team will help to provide the answers. You can choose from three possible locations:

The Link Hotel & Conference Centre, Loughborough - Tuesday 5th March 2013

Eynsham Hall, near Witney, Oxfordshire - Thursday 7th March 2013

The Westbury Hotel, Central London - Tuesday 12th March 2013

There will be a small charge of £75.00 + vat per person for the day, which includes lunch.

To reserve a place, or find out more, email Sue Bell at: sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com

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