Team Talk is a powerful development tool in a simple board game format, which provides leadership engagement, team and organisational development, all in one place.

For up to 10 participants. Can be adapted for larger groups. Often used at senior level. There needs to be a shared purpose and inter-related roles amongst the players. Particularly suited in the context of major change.

Recommended playing time is from 2 to 3 hours, followed by 45 to 60 minutes to review, summarise and prioritise all the points captured during the exercise.

With Team Talk, participants get down to business right away. They face up to the real issues and generate hard outputs.

Participants respond positively to Team Talk's practical approach. It uses their experience of what works and what doesn't work.

The game format allows for the exercise to be highly challenging in a safe, supportive environment. As a result, the level of openness is greater than most have previously experienced.

Team Talk brings to the surface those behaviours that are impeding engagement with the future and change. The unique benefit is how the process also nurtures personal growth and confidence.

Avoids pointless, repetitive discussions. Players get quickly to the heart of what will make a difference. The Action Board is used to record ideas and comments.

These are just some examples of the output from the exercise. In less than 3 hours participants will:
  • Identify what trips them up with each other, with others inside and outside the organization
  • Address any role uncertainties that have been time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Ask for and give support to each other, to achieve individual and team objectives.
  • Give and receive feedback about behaviour as a way of improving performance.
  • Understand and affirm what each team member contributes to the overall success.
The exercise ends with a review of all discussion points, followed by allocation of actions to specific individuals.

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