Trust & Distance

Some quotes from "virtual" leaders:

"I did not take the time to build trust before he left for the new job"

"We had no bond"

"Although he never told me to my face, he didn't believe I would keep my job for more than six months"

"He didn't believe that we had any chance of achieving our strategic objectives"

"She thought that the new global organisation structure was a farce"

"Within a week she was laughing about the strategy and talking it down with her colleagues"

Without Trust, each of these leaders recognised that they were powerless across distance, whether it was in the next town, another part of the country or across the world.

People aren't inspired by words they can't hear

People thrive in trust- based relationships. However our research and experience indicates that for effective communication to work at a distance, three barriers created by Geography, Isolation and History need to be removed.

To overcome these, we help leaders to address four challenges:
  • How to create unity behind the whole team, rather than local goals?
  • How to move the decision-making focus to whole team priorities?
  • How to increase the tangibility of whole team objectives?
  • How to move the team from competition to collaboration?


Addressing these challenges involves leaders thinking creatively across three dimensions:

Identifying & re-enforcing shared symbols Focusing on links & alignment tools Establishing consistency, balance & fairness

The outcome from this work is that leaders start to develop their own alignment "tools" for focusing team work and effort. So that when team members wake up in the morning, wherever they are in the world, there's an increased chance that they each have the same focus and direction, anchored in Trust.

Our Trust & Distance workshops are available to leaders, HR developers and other in-company facilitators, who are in a position to pass the tools and techniques on to others.

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