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This email follows our recent Newsletter about Wadenhoe Consultancy research into the 80% of learning and development that does not take place in a formal "training" environment and how it might help you.

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Here are two recent quotes from organisations that we have been talking to:
  • "We're spending a lot of money on structured, high quality off-job training courses, but struggle afterwards to implement the learning. The result is that if it doesn't work everyone blames the course".

  • "We've worked hard at developing a Learning Organisation, with a balance between individual ownership and organisational support for learning and development. By now it should be working naturally - but it's not!"
Why is this when we know that "learning is a natural activity that takes place in a largely uncontrived way as part of everyday life?" - W. L. French.

The outputs from our major research on "Auditing Natural Learning" can now provide you with all the practical solutions you need to answer four major questions:
  • How do you overcome the Blocks and Barriers to learning?

  • How do you engage and energise people in learning?

  • How can you move learning from "passive adherence" to "active practice"?

  • How can learning be accelerated using a wide-ranging "helper" network?
More information is available from our recent Newsletter, or by contacting Sue Bell at: sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com. Alternatively, please contact me direct at this address.

We hope to have the opportunity of sharing some of our unique work with you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email.

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