Line managers are the single biggest influence on whether people choose or don't choose to really engage in learning.

However excellent organisational resources might be, it is line managers who hold the key because:
  • Only they can create an environment where learning is a natural process.

  • Only they can build their people's commitment, energy and confidence for learning.
Yet this can get over-complicated with language like "coaching", which is often perceived as a very time-consuming and therefore impractical activity, or delayed until the next Performance/Development Review when there's a "menu" of options to choose from.

The outputs from our major research on: "Auditing Natural Learning" outlined in a recent Newsletter, answer many questions about:
  • How do line managers create the energy for learning in their people?

  • What are the "enablers" that turn this energy into self-directed learning?
For more information on our research and recent work in this area, please email Sue Bell on sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com

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