Employee Engagement - Top Down + Bottom Up

"A culture of engagement surveys, communication and training is not the same as an engagement culture"

Ray Atkinson, Managing Director, The Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd.

Employee Engagement is a good strategic story, often talked about, but not always seen to have practical and consistent follow through. Many of our highly successful assignments have involved helping organisations to implement this kind of change programme. We know that the route from strategic intent to creating real movement for change is seldom a "top down" straight line. Yet there is frequently a great temptation to get into the action too quickly.

In this one-day workshop, designed specifically for HR Developers and others involved in designing and implementing Engagement Strategies, we share our experience of developing integrated strategies that combine "top down" and "bottom up" approaches and our understanding of the +'s to ensure the two are complementary.

We then focus on six new "bottom up" themes for implementing the strategy, through the use large-scale, grass roots, behavioural and cultural change.

1. Engaging Leadership

Leaders can't make people engage, but they can create an environment by their conversations and actions, where people choose or don't choose to engage.
  • We show how line managers can fully engage their people by generating: commitment, confidence, competence and self-esteem.


"Top down" role modelling alone does not bring about behaviour change.
  • We discuss methods for identifying and developing "ordinary" people throughout the organisation who are highly trusted, well-connected and influential.

Few Key Behaviours

Masses of complicated micro-competencies only serve to confuse people.
  • We explore creative ways of using Energisers and other people at all levels, to identify a few key engagement behaviours and how to make them "stick".

Informal Crossover Networks

Cascading information about Engagement through the usual formal organisation networks is only a small part of a successful Engagement strategy.
  • We consider tools for using Energiser contacts to develop and expand "Networks Webs" that transcend formal organisational boundaries.

Level-to-Level Peer Conversations

High-level champions advocating change, however sincere they may be, have limited impact without corresponding "level-to-level" conversations.
  • We look at informal processes for generating activist conversations eg person to person, team to team, department to department.

Daily Spread Of New "Stories"

Outdated, character or department-specific accounts of good Engagement practices soon wear very thin.
  • We share the secrets of telling a good story that is: memorable, transferable, prompts emotions, easy to tell others, becomes more important than the character and can be directly associate with a particular Engagement behaviour.

We will be running this workshop on Thursday 6th December 2012 at Eynsham Hall, North Leigh, Witney, OX29 6PN. Alternatively, we can design bespoke in-house events.

To find out more and/or book a place, please call me on 01865 339558 or email Sue Bell at: sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com

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