"The Talent Development Navigator"

We are delighted to invite you to play a "game" of strategy for unlimited numbers of teams in Organisations where identifying and developing talent is critical to success.


To design an over-arching Talent Development Strategy that has the flexibility to cope with a diverse range of "local" circumstances.


The Wadenhoe Model® Framework - a playing board can be made by enlarging the diagram shown above. You can make your own playing cards from each of the headings shown below.


The game should be played in teams consisting of Key Players including: Line Managers; HR Developers; Specialist Functional Heads and Senior Management

Getting Started

Before starting to fill the board, players must have completed their Performance Card - containing the key performance areas in which talent development must have an impact in order to achieve the strategic objectives for their Organisation.

Standard Play

Players can then complete their remaining cards in any order. They are:
  • People Card: Containing full information about the knowledge; skills and personal qualities needed within Leadership; Line Management and HR to make the Talent Development Strategy work.

  • Place Card: Containing a clear description of the environment / culture/values needed for talent to be identified, developed and deployed.

  • Purpose Card: Containing a clear definition of objectives and measures required to deliver the Talent Development Strategy.

  • Process Card: Containing a list of the most appropriate interventions for ensuring that their Talent Development Strategy will be achieved.
Winning the Standard Play Game

Beginners might stop here, with the Winner being the team that has completed all five cards. However, to really win, each of the cards needs to connect appropriately with all the others. So we have a developed a second stage for Advanced Play, which requires teams to collect a further ten Connection Cards.

To play the Advanced Game, please click here.

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