Career Development for "Specialists"

One of the greatest transitions that anyone can make in their career is from being recognised as an excellent Specialist to being recognised as the leader of an excellent Specialist team. Yet, all too often organisations face the dilemma of whether to risk losing a highly talented specialist, only to gain a rather mediocre leader.

There need be no risk.

At Wadenhoe we understand this aspect of career development and want to share this understanding with you. With over 20 years experience across all sectors, we can provide new insights into approaches that will help you and the people involved to:
  • Decide whether career moves should be in a "specialist" field, leadership of a specialist team or general management.
  • Expand career development options for Specialists beyond the limitations placed on them by traditional routes.
  • Create new and innovative opportunities, even in, what on paper appear to be very flat formal organisation structures.
So we would like to invite you to our next Preview Workshop on 13th June 2013. Throughout the day you will work with four of our experienced team, who have all held senior General Management and HR positions, with talent resourcing responsibilities. There will be a small charge of £85.00, which includes lunch and refreshments.

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I hope that you decide to join us.

Ray Atkinson

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