Sustainability In Challenging Times

In this month's newsletter, we focus on three challenges identified as "hot issues" from our recent conversations and provide some fresh approaches for helping HR and their organisations to address them.

In the words of BBC Radio 4's "Just a Minute" we know that the word "sustaining" is repeated three times - but no apologies for that! Despite the tough economic environment, focusing on innovative ways forward is the key - inaction is not an option.
  • Sustaining the impact of Performance & Development Reviews
    In this busy, fast-changing business environment, how does HR help businesses to make Performance Development Reviews more effective by sustaining their impact throughout the year?

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  • Sustaining leadership development through self-directed learning
    Leaders at all levels are facing greater challenges and levels of complexity than have ever been seen before. Traditional leadership development approaches alone are unlikely to help, so how can HR help sustain a future-focused learning strategy?

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  • Sustaining talent development through challenging times
    A characteristic of successful businesses is that they work hard at developing talented people to take on more challenging roles. The fact is, like all of us, these people will have started as "technical" specialists and if their development route is into line management, this will mean a significant change. How can HR help to ensure that the transition is successful?

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Alongside providing our answers to these questions, and outlining Wadenhoe interventions that will help, we are keen to have conversations about YOUR views. So please do get in touch to arrange a meeting either at your office, our office in Oxford, or as part of a visit to our Residential Management Centre at Wadenhoe House in Northants. (Breakfast or Lunch always provided!)

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