Used alone, past performance is not a predictor of future potential. We all know this and yet the "Peter Principal" is still alive and well in many organisations.

What could be more motivating than offering promotion to someone who has performed well in their current role?! Better still if they have delivered against their business objectives in a way that is in line with organisational behaviours.

Right now, many organisations will be completing their "nine-box matrix" or something similar, based on these performance and potential criteria, perhaps as a summary of Performance Development Review outputs. Great! But alone they are not enough to avoid promotion mistakes, which are damaging for organisations and the individuals involved.

At the start of another year many of us will be thinking again about whether or not we really have the talent to deliver against ambitious strategic objectives.

Before making any final decisions and expensive mistakes, we encourage you to read the attached article: Capturing Career Capacity.

Also, it's not too late to do some talent development work with your management teams using our Talent Development Navigator Game.

Best wishes for 2015,

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