Top Down Engagement Strategies Don't Work!!

From our extensive work on Employee Engagement over the last few years, we know that the route from strategic intent to creating real movement for change is seldom a "top down" straight line. Developing a balanced strategy that combines "top down" and "bottom up" activities is the key to success.

We have always been very clear about the "top down" approach, which includes: engagement surveys, clear strategy, passionate leadership, formal cascade communications and training. It is from the evolution of the "bottom up" initiatives that we have learnt most and this learning has now been clustered under the following headings:
  • Engaging leadership style.
  • Identification & development of "Energisers".
  • Making a few key behaviours "stick".
  • Informal crossover networks.
  • Level-to-level peer conversations.
  • Daily spread of new "stories".
Over the last few months, the Wadenhoe team has developed some practical tools and techniques for each of these themes, which we know can provide the key to achieving large-scale, grass roots, behavioural and cultural change. For more information on a new one-day workshop, where we will share all of this with you please click here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email. I hope to meet you sometime soon.

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