Words... Actions... Trust

"Smarter" "Slicker" "Sharper" "Speed" "Pace" and "Urgency" are all words that we've seen used recently to describe organisational strategies focused on aspects of "creativity, innovation and speed". A good strategic "story" like this example is often talked but is not always seen to have practical and consistent follow through.

Our recent Newsletter (click here) considered the theme of Trust, and how it is anchored in Reputation and Confidence. Another aspect of Trust is how it can influence the confidence that people have to take appropriate actions, even when the words might appear in a Mission statement, on posters, on the bottom of emails etc!

So how can organisations ensure that changes of this kind are strategically effective and that a great deal of time and money is not wasted on initiatives with little or no sustainable change for the organisation? Click here to find out how.

We hope that you find this useful and, as always, would appreciate any feedback.

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