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May 2012 Newsletter

Trust - Anchored in Reputation and Confidence

"Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow" - Abraham Lincoln

For the last two years our message about Engagement has been that "leaders can't make people engage, but they can create an environment by their conversations and actions, where people choose or don't choose to engage." (Click here for our previous Newsletter.)

We also know that a key part of this choice is Trust, which is strongly influenced by Reputation and Confidence.

This issue focuses on three themes:
  • Trust & Reputation
  • Trust & Confidence
  • Trust & Distance
Although our examples here are in the context of individual leadership, the same principles apply when considering these factors at organisational level.

Trust & Reputation

In the context of leadership - trust is based on "history" - the evidence of us doing what we said we would do.

Which in turn:

  • Colours judgements about who we are and what we
    might do in certain circumstances.
  • Impacts on other's emotions - what they feel and
  • Influences whether others will take risks - which is
    essential to building trust

Unfortunately, in the real world this is often an historic inheritance, but that's not an excuse for doing nothing.

So what can leaders do to change it? Please click here.
Trust & Confidence

Over the last few years our one-day workshops have helped 100's of managers to have regular engagement conversations that focus on building: commitment, energy, confidence and competence. The outcome from these conversations should be mutual trust and confidence on both sides. However, for some leaders this is undermined by their own lack of confidence in trying a new approach.

So how can coaching practice with professional actors, using real situations help to overcome that inner voice, reflected in an outward lack of confidence? Please click here.
Trust & Distance

People aren't inspired by words they can't hear.

Our research and experience indicates that while people do thrive in trust-based relationships, for effective communication to work at a distance, there are three very challenging barriers to overcome:

Geography - people seeing themselves as separate.
Isolation - keeps people from knowing one another.
History - people's experience of independent not unified teams.

So how can leaders address these challenges and develop creative solutions? Please click here.
"It is happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust"

This quotation was written by Samuel Johnson in "The Rambler" (1750).

The nature of trust is explored in a simple game with two players and some money...

Please click here to consider the game and its connection to your organisation in 2012...

Not all potential clients realise that at least 25% of our business is pure, investigative consultancy. We are often asked to carry out internal research on a particular organizational issue and make recommendations for action, without the delivery.

As everyone in our team has senior General and HR Management experience across all sectors, we are able to provide an exact match between our people and individual client requirements. This, coupled with use of the integrated approach provided by The Wadenhoe Model®, always ensures actionable, practical, business-focused outcomes.

Ray Atkinson
Managing Director

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