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January 2013 Newsletter

Short-term cost reduction AND long-term sustainability

Last week's CIPD press release says that:

"The challenge for HR is to balance the tension between responding to short-term cost imperatives and keeping longer-term people issues firmly on the agenda, as these are what will really make the difference to sustainable performance".

In this first Newsletter of 2013, we look at four areas where Wadenhoe can help you achieve this balance.
Talent Pipelines - Exploration, Refinement, Distribution and Consumption!

"Someone said to me recently that Talent is the scarcest resource of all - it's not! The leadership challenge is finding it inside the organisation and then keeping it." Ray Atkinson, Managing Director, The Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd

Alongside Employee Engagement, Talent Identification and Development is highlighted as the key challenge for most of the organisations we speak to. In some cases, the lack of confidence around demonstrating measurable, long-term investment, results in the fear that progress cannot be sustained without constant intervention from HR!

So, pipelines are being laid and never completed.

At our next series of Preview Workshops in March we will be sharing our 20+ years experience in this field, including the removal of four very costly pipeline blockages.

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80/20 Programmes - Minimum Intervention/Maximum Impact

Things are tough out there at the moment and all around us is evidence of dramatic cost management and large-scale organisational change. Some organisations are holding off on leadership development activities until the "dust has settled", but many more are recognising that the dust never settles, so it's about designing programmes that will have maximum impact on business performance with minimum time out, which is the biggest cost of all.

This is particularly true for middle managers, who are the key to successful implementation of change. Given that 80% of effective learning takes place on the job, we have designed a modular programme, which places real emphasis on self-directed learning, alongside short, sharp and practical workshops.

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Engagement Strategy - Top Down + Bottom Up

At our Christmas Preview Workshop on this topic, we shared our experience of developing integrated strategies that combine "top down" and "bottom up" approaches and our understanding of the +'s to ensure that the two are complementary. We then focused on six new "bottom up" themes.

These creative solutions clearly demonstrate that the current cost management environment, need not slow down progress on Employee Engagement.

Following the success of this workshop and requests from some of the attendees, we have tailored the content so that it can be used as a stand-alone one day event for HR and Line Managers responsible for implementing Engagement Strategies.

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The Learning Set - A powerful and much abused tool!

Our research and experience confirms the power of self-directed learning - yet recent research indicates that one of its key processes - the Learning Set, is often much abused. When the original concept is compromised and watered down, under the guise of a more "pragmatic approach", it can be a complete waste of everyone's time!

To read our latest article on this theme and how the Wadenhoe approach delivers long-term sustainable leadership development without expensive off-job programmes.

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The Wadenhoe Consultancy & Metrics

We started this Newsletter with a reference to last week's CIPD Press Release. In the final paragraph, Peter Cheese, CIPD Chief Executive says:

"HR needs to make more use of metrics to look forward, support and inform the business agenda".

That is why over the last twelve years we have invested so much into our ongoing research project: "Putting a Measure on Leadership Development". We believe that this is the most comprehensive piece of work available anywhere and this can help you to demonstrate the difference between short-term costs and long-term investments.

For more information please email me at: ray@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

Regular readers will know that it is not our style to make assumptions about the precise needs of organisations. We are however very clear that our work has the potential to make a real difference. I hope that you find it useful. Do get in touch for more information on the processes and background research.

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Ray Atkinson
Managing Director

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