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September 2012 Newsletter

Potential is measurable, predictable and developable.

Watching the amazing and inspiring athletes in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, prompts the question: How was their potential first identified? What was it that made them stand out as individuals with exceptional talent that could be nurtured and developed for the future?

Over the years there have been many studies, including our own "Learning for the Top" research, of people who have risen to the top of their chosen activity. All of these studies share two common themes:
  • Successful people have learned more or acquired significantly more skills than their colleagues or competitors -mostly through self-directed "natural" learning and some key people.

  • Successful people have high levels of Drive. Having the talent is not enough. There must also be the will and energy to exercise it fully.
Helping organisations to measure this potential and then develop it, is a core Wadenhoe activity. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of our work. This Newsletter contains links to three closely related articles:
Step Change Leadership Potential

Contrary to what we may think, potential is measurable and predictable.

The starting point is identifying clear criteria for the step changes that occur as jobs get bigger and then having a reliable process for measuring individuals accurately against that criteria.

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Development Centres

Individuals often attend Development Centres because of excellent past performance. However this in itself is not an adequate guide. We need to know how they will think and act in the future.

In one day, our process answers the question: What can this person learn to do that they have never done or been asked to do before?

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Multi-site Leadership

"Nick's Story" provides the context for this article which considers the step change involved in moving from Single Unit to Multi-site Leadership. With an entirely different job both in size and shape and a strong emphasis on Virtual Leadership, Nick is struggling.

In this article, based on real experience we piece together what Nick needed to do to get back on track.

Please click here to read Nick's Story.

Regular readers will know that it is not our style to make assumptions about the precise needs of organisations. We are however very clear that our work has the potential to make a real difference. I hope that you find it useful. Do get in touch for more information on the processes and background research.

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