A Place of Transition

You may have read our June newsletter: "Change.....Transition.....Trust". (Click here)

This issue prompted an unusually large amount of interest, particularly around specific workshop content. So I thought that it would be worth writing to you with more details of two workshops, which are available as either "open" or "in-house" events:
  • A Place of Transition: A one-day workshop for HR, Leadership and Organisation Development Specialists, which provides a facilitated framework of critical questions, to open up discussion about areas where more leadership attention will significantly increase the chances of successful transition. (Click here)

  • Journey to a New and Better Place: An entirely new workshop for leaders who are at the sharp end of delivering change and transition within their teams.
    (Click here)
Both workshops focus on the same Goal:

Delivering our Strategy (intent of the change), by creating a Place (working environment) that enables the People (that we have) to deliver the Performance (we need).

Please do get in touch for more information.

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