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Newsletter - May 2011

80% of learning and development does not take place in a formal "Training" environment!

For many companies 2011 is proving to be just as challenging as the previous two years, so none of us can afford to ignore this statistic anymore. This Newsletter focuses on how our "Auditing Natural Learning" research and follow-up practice might help your organisation in:
  • Capitalising on Learning & Development
  • Growing your own Leadership Talent
"Auditing Natural Learning" is a major piece of Wadenhoe research that highlights how people can learn and develop outside of formal training courses. It is based on data collected from middle and senior level managers, and provides significant insights into what organisations can do to create an informal learning and development culture.

Apart from the obvious savings in training costs, capitalising on this 80% requires Minimum Intervention to the day job and delivers Maximum Impact for individuals, teams and the organisation.

Capitalising on Learning & Development

"Learning is a natural human activity which takes place in a largely uncontrived way as part of everyday life" - W. L. French

Yes, but if you are one of those organisations who spend a lot of money on formal training and then find that implementing and sustaining it is hard going - or you want to explore other options, then you will be interested in the answers to our four major learning and development research questions:

· How do you overcome the Blocks & Barriers to it?
· How do you energise and engage people in it?
· How do you move it from passive adherence to active practice?
· How can it be improved and accelerated using a wide-ranging "helper" network

To find out more about our research and share a summary of its findings, please contact: ray@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

Also we have developed an "Implementing Natural Learning" Programme, designed specifically for those people responsible for Learning and Development within their Organisations.

For more information contact: sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com

Two Unique Workshops

Two other unique workshops for capitalising on the 80%

You might also be interested in two workshops that we have designed and delivered from our research. One is for leaders developing their people, the other is for the people themselves.

Comprehensive Coaching

Helping people to grow and develop involves a much broader range of coaching roles than is acknowledged on many conventional programmes. There is more to it than just using one "model", asking open questions, active listening and drawing out solutions.

Most of us can probably recall a few people who have really made a difference to our development. It's worth reflecting on the styles they used and what it was they helped us to achieve.

This workshop enables leaders to learn about and practice the full range of coaching styles that are available and how they can help people to expand their learning/development network.

For more details click here.

Self-Directed Learning & Development

This term is often used by Organisations to emphasise that learning and development is a shared responsibility. Couple this with the need to focus on minimum intervention and maximum impact - helping individuals to take full advantage of internal learning and development opportunities provides major added value.

Our workshop starts with the question: Who do you learn from? It then enables participants to discover new ways of capitalising on their learning/development and growing their network, using a checklist of sixteen different enablers.

The important message is that all of these needs cannot be met by one person.

For more details click here.
Growing Your Own Leadership Talent Using The 80%

The aspirations of traditional succession planning to enable an identified supply of appropriately trained/developed people with sound organisational awareness to move through an organisation have not changed.

What has changed is the SPEED with which organisations need to produce the next generation of leaders to cope with:

·An increasingly complex business environment
·A faster pace of business, requiring the best technical/personal skills and competence.
·Changing competitive threats and opportunities
·Increasing cost of failure
·Global environments

Three research projects conducted by The Wadenhoe Consultancy throw significant light on different aspects of this problem and some of the potential solutions:

·Identifying & Developing High Potential
·Auditing Natural Learning
·Learning at the Top

From these research themes we have decided to invite a limited number of organisations to work with us in a partnership project: "Growing Your Own Leadership Talent".

For more details, click here.


We were recently asked by a prospective client to talk about what we were "Absolute Experts" at and why.

For a bunch of energetic, enthusiastic but rather modest consultants this was a difficult one, but here's our response:

"Working in partnership with organisations to design, deliver and sustain individual, team and organisational development activities that have measurable and permanent performance outcomes.

This is achieved by:
  • An integrated approach using The Wadenhoe Model®
  • A rigorous measurement and evaluation process
  • Effective change leadership
"Facilitated by a team where everyone has senior General and HR Management experience and underpinned by over 20 years successful track record across all sectors"

Ray Atkinson
Managing Director

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