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Newsletter - May 2010

Welcome to The Wadenhoe Consultancy Newsletter,

This month, we focus on three themes that are critical to success in these challenging times.

High Potential Talented Teams: Although individuals can't all be high potential, we know from experience that teams can be. So, what is it that really separates a truly high potential talented team from the rest?

Post Recession Leadership - Energy, Engagement and Trust: What can we learn from previous recessions that will help us to recover from this one? Some would say - not a lot! The solutions this time will be very different. What are the special leadership capabilities that will ensure success?

Embedding Talent Development: It is clear from our recent workshops that many HR people believe that despite all their efforts Talent Development is still embryonic in their organisations. So what more can be done to achieve a real and lasting culture shift?

High Potential Talented Teams

Conventional steps in team development workshops generally involve aspects of personal and team effectiveness that prepare teams to be "high performing" in a steady state environment, but what is it that really separates a High Potential Talented Team from the rest?

From our research and experience we have identified these "game changing" capabilities as:

  • Engagement and Co-operation
  • "Sharing" Team Leadership
  • Generating Energy
  • Learning, Collaboration and Trust
Click here for more details of our unique one-day workshop that starts with a "team assessment", focuses on high-impact interventions and ends with team-managed development pack for sustaining the change.

Post Recession Leadership - Energy, Engagement and Trust

At Wadenhoe Consultancy, some of us have been around long enough to remember previous recessions. This time it is clear that above all, recovery will rely on very special leadership capabilities to raise morale by re-kindling energy, engagement and trust.

This is a multi-level change leadership challenge which many organisations are starting to address and we have developed three short workshops that will help:

  • Senior management - trying to re-energise whole sections of an organisation.
  • Middle Management - trying to raise morale whilst feeling "squeezed" from above and below.
  • First-line Management - trying to re-engage teams that are being asked to do more with less.
For more information on how our action learning workshops can help your leaders click here.

Embedding Talent Development

Those readers that have been tracking our work over the last year will know that we have been running a series of Regional Briefings called: "Sustainable Talent Development - Passion or Procedures".

What was striking in some cases was the lack of confidence that progress would be sustained over time without constant intervention from HR! So, whilst some excellent embryonic work is going on, embedding a talent development culture seems a long way off.

In all of these workshops we have focused on six core areas where HR can take a Leadership role in establishing a sustainable talent development culture.

These are:
  • Commitment - Getting management buy-in
  • Clarity - Answering the question: "talent for what?"
  • Exploration - Finding talent everywhere
  • Engagement - Nurturing talent
  • Transfer - Breaking conventional boundaries
  • Impact - Evaluation and measures
We have also offered the Wadenhoe Model® Talent Development Navigator, as a rigorous approach to building a strategy and tactics.

Click here for free action checklists under each core area and a summary of the Wadenhoe Model® Talent Development Navigator, for building a strategy and tactics.


We were recently asked by a prospective client to talk about what we were "Absolute Experts" at and why.

For a bunch of energetic, enthusiastic but rather modest consultants this was a difficult one, but here's our response:

"Working in partnership with organisations to design, deliver and sustain individual, team and organisational development activities that have measurable and permanent performance outcomes.

This is achieved by:
  • An integrated approach using The Wadenhoe Model®
  • A rigorous measurement and evaluation process
  • Effective change leadership
"Facilitated by a team where everyone has senior General and HR Management experience and underpinned by over 20 years successful track record across all sectors"

Ray Atkinson
Managing Director

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