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Newsletter - July 2011

Engagement Through Change - people choose or don't choose to engage!

No one is more important during a period of change than the immediate line manager.

They are the single biggest influence on how energised and engaged people are in the change journey. It cannot be "performance managed" it must be earned through effective leadership.

In one highly interactive day, we combine the key elements of our experience of Change and Engagement, to provide managers who are at the forefront of leading change, with straightforward tools that can be applied immediately.

The Key Benefits of our approach are:

  • Link to Strategy: Translating our understanding of the client's change strategy into clear engagement outcomes.
  • Real Time Solutions: Starting where managers are at, so that they leave with clear solutions to their Engagement challenges.
  • Energy & Engagement: Focusing first on Team Energies, so that managers have a clear understanding of what they need to do to convert Corrosive, Comfortable and Resigned Energy into Productive Energy.
  • Brevity & Impact: Having "little and often" Engagement conversations that generate: Commitment, Confidence, Energy and Competence for Change
  • Engagement Pack: Enabling managers to pass on the learning with ease.
  • Immediate Measurable Impact: Completing a 90 day Engagement "Snapshot" for action.
Workshops are designed for a maximum of 12 managers. However, the Wadenhoe team of 14 facilitators can all deliver to the same, consistently high standard, with flexibility in one day. So, where required, we have the capability of handling large groups over a short timeframe.

In one very recent example of this work, we received excellent feedback after working with 1,500 senior and middle managers from Jaguar Land Rover, in small groups of 12 over a six-week period.

For more detail click here or contact Sue Bell on sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

Engagement at a Distance - an invaluable route map for "virtual" leaders.

Our new route map, which is now incorporated into an interactive, one-day workshop provides a practical guidelines on:

How to create real empowerment that gives local leaders/teams power and control over themselves

How to establish trust in the leader, the project, the organisation and team partners

How to ensure consistency, balance and fairness so that everyone feels equally valued

How to create strong symbols that create collaboration

How to create effective communications, that go far beyond IT solutions

To find out more click here or contact ray@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

Enabling Engagement - our learning along the way

When working with organisations to develop strategies for Engagement, we have been guided by The Wadenhoe Model and the significance of "Place" in the success of any programme. This has led us to design three frameworks that can be used to analyse potential blocks and barriers and how they can be overcome:
  • Individual/Team Enablers

  • Departmental/Inter-departmental Enablers

  • Organisational Enablers
If your Engagement strategy is a little "stuck", maybe working with us using these frameworks will help unblock it? For more information click here.

We are currently offering a one-day workshop on this topic for HR, Organisation Development and Line Managers who have responsibility in this area.

For more information, contact chris@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

Measuring Engagement - The customer experience

Looking at excellent companies and observing what their people are doing is probably the best way of understanding the impact of Engagement in a "customer" context.

It is then that we see the magic that occurs when someone is thinking and behaving as if it is their own business.

Our research highlights behaviours like:

"Can do attitude"   "Really listening"   "Enthusiastic"   "Energised"   "Individual customer focus"

"Confident"   "Operating to clear values"   "Taking personal responsibility"

These kind of behaviours are often more obvious in external, customer-facing businesses but less so where customer relationships are internal. With this in mind and in response to client needs, we have designed two new tools for developing internal customer metrics.

For more information about our one-day workshop on this topic for HR, Organisation Development and Line Managers who have responsibility in this area, contact chris@wadenhoeconsultancy.com for details.


Not all potential clients realise that at least 25% of our business is pure, investigative consultancy. We are often asked to carry out internal research on a particular organizational issue and make recommendations for action, without the delivery.

As everyone in our team has senior General and HR Management experience across all sectors, we are able to provide an exact match between our people and individual client requirements. This, coupled with use of the integrated approach provided by The Wadenhoe Model®, always ensures actionable, practical, business-focused outcomes.

Ray Atkinson
Managing Director

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