Back from holiday and the challenge remains:

"How does your organisation ensure that it creates and maintains the best possible Talent Pipeline Development process?"

In this late-summer edition of The Wadenhoe Consultancy Newsletter, we provide some answers.

Benchmarking Best Practice in Talent Pipeline Development:

We are pleased to announce that over the summer we have completed our latest work on benchmarking best practice in Talent Pipeline Development. The main output is a framework of Key Questions that will enable our clients to assess where to place their future energy in terms of a Talent Identification and Development.

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Talent For What?

Answering this fundamental question is at the heart of our Talent Pipeline process and our well-established Rolescoping® process is designed to do just that. Any organisation that cannot answer this question for each management/leadership level is in real danger of making some fundamental resourcing errors, with all the risks and costs that go with it.

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Partnerships in Talent Pipeline Development

For over 25 years we have been providing consulting services in the area of Talent Identification and Development. However many organisations who are on "catch up" in this field are turning to a "partnership" approach with three clear outcomes in view:
  • Developing a strategy fast
  • Obtaining clear operational outcomes fast
  • Becoming self-sufficient fast
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The Black Hole of Talent Development

In our Early Summer Newsletter, we focused on those talented people in all organizations that can often get missed in high potential talent development processes. They're not always graduates - if they are, then they might have got "lost" doing a great job in a specialist area. They don't always fit the precise "age profile" - being either "too young" or "too old". And they're not always the extrovert type that make a great first impression. Yet organizations who are now moving into a growth phase can't afford to miss out on this hidden pool of talent...

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