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Newsletter - March 2010

Welcome to this month's Newsletter from The Wadenhoe Consultancy Ltd.

In this Newsletter, we focus on five current activities and pick up on some emerging themes from recent workshops.

HR Partnership - not enough!! Designed to reflect HR's critical leadership contribution to sustainable business performance, this Programme has been developed from our original and highly successful series of "HR Business Partner" workshops which started in 2006.

Why re-invent the wheel? Our new "Talent Development Navigator"enables you to create a unique strategy and operational plan that is completely aligned to your organisational needs within a best-practice framework.

Talent Development Briefings:
  • "The "Eyes and Ears" of Talent Development: A real-time coaching workshop and toolkit for busy Line Managers
  • Are you getting the best from Development Centres?: Great feedback on our recent Briefings and more to come at our Supper Club at Wadenhoe House Management Centre.
  • Leading Sustainable Talent Development - Passion or Procedures? This theme is still very much alive, so read on.
SME News: An update on our recent work in this sector.


In their February 2010 update, the CIPD says that HR needs to "challenge expectations and show how it is uniquely placed to contribute to genuinely sustainable performance".

At The Wadenhoe Consultancy we believe that this is absolutely right.

Recognising the changing role of HR from a central policy and support function to a true Business Partner, back in 2006 The Wadenhoe Consultancy designed a series of very successful "HR Business Partner" workshops, from which this new Programme has been developed.

Taking as its starting point HR Leadership (challenging the status quo) rather than just HR Management (maintaining the status quo), and with recent updates to reflect the changing business context, at the end of this Programme participants will be better able to:
  • Provide an independent and creative voice for HR
  • Work in partnership without line authority
  • Understand what drives and blocks organisational performance
  • Engage with the business agenda
  • Influence staff engagement and culture
  • Provide an effective internal consulting service
Click here to download more information on our approach and a detailed checklist of workshops, which can be attended over several months, or on a "pick & mix" basis to complement individual skills and experience.

Introductory "open" workshops, are run regularly at Wadenhoe House, our own residential management centre or can be arranged locally to suit individuals or client HR teams. For more information contact: ray@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.


"I first came across The Wadenhoe Model nearly twelve years ago. Since then, it has been the quiet, unflashy but utterly dependable "touchstone" for all the developmental initiatives, no matter how large or small, that I have led or been involved in - be they coaching interventions for individual business leaders at one extreme or complex, lengthy and award-winning programmes for large numbers of managers from around the world at the other"

Michael Alsop, Head of Executive Development, Group 4 Securicor

Since the Wadenhoe Model® was first developed 20+ years ago, it has become the main reference point for many clients working through their strategies for Leadership, Management and Organisation Development.

It is also the framework used by all Wadenhoe Consultants to ensure that their work is strategically and operationally effective.

Based on this original Wadenhoe Model®, our new Talent Development Navigator provides the rigour, flexibility and practical application needed for the design and implementation of effective strategic and operational plans.

Click here to download more information.

To reserve your place on one of our briefing events, email Sue at: sue@wadenhoeconsultancy.com.

The "Eyes and Ears" of Talent Development

We know that line managers are in the prime position to develop their people, yet time is often seen as the main constraint. Our Realtime Coach® workshop and toolkit helps busy line managers to integrate the five key dimensions of coaching into their normal job, in real time - everyday.

So coaching for performance improvement, identifying potential, career development, team facilitation and team engagement become a natural part of their job, rather than something that they do when there's time.

What makes the Wadenhoe Consultancy workshop different is that line managers have the opportunity of practicing it in a "safe" yet realistic environment, with the help of our team of professional actors.

Click here for more information.

To obtain more information about how this workshop can be tailored to your organisational needs, email Chris: chris@wadenhoeconsultancy.com


Are You Getting The Best From Development Centres?

Our aim in this series of Briefing Events is to help you to answer five key questions.

How do you:
  • Implement an approach which is rigorous; robust and reflects changing business needs?
  • Create an "even playing field" for people with a range of personal styles?
  • Ensure that technical specialists have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership capabilities?
  • Construct meaningful development plans for everyone, including those who are likely to remain at their current level?
  • Use the process as a vehicle for making career development visible in your organisation?
This theme is still very much alive in many organisations. To find out more about our up-coming Supper Club on this topic at Wadenhoe House Management Centre or arrange an in-company briefing, click here.


Leading Sustainable Talent Development - Passion or Procedures?

It is clear from this series of half-day workshops that the themes that we covered really "hit the mark". These themes are:
  • Commitment - getting buy-in from all Key Players
  • Clarity - answering the question talent for what?
  • Exploration - finding talent everywhere
  • Engagement - nurturing talent
  • Transfer - breaking conventional boundaries
  • Impact - identifying "bottom-line" measures
A free summary of last Thursday's workshop at The Westbury Hotel, London is available now
Click here to download a copy.

From the feedback received so far, this is still a hot topic, so we are planning to run a one-day London event on 25th May 2010. If you would like to find out more about this, please phone Ray Atkinson on: 01865 339558 or email: ray@wadenhoeconsultancy.com


Alongside our work with larger organisations, we have a great deal of experience of working in the SME sector, where our main contact is often the business owner or the Managing Director.

Click here to read more about our recent assignments and future opportunities.

There are also some informative SME articles on our website at: www.wadenhoeconsultancy.com.


At The Wadenhoe Consultancy, we are passionate about helping organisations to get better.

To us, this means helping them to achieve their strategic goals with interventions that ensure the best ideas, best technologies and best processes are matched by the best leaders and managers working together in the most effective way.

The combination of an outstanding Wadenhoe heritage for leadership, management and organisation development with the fresh, creative and energising approaches of Dramatic Change has proved a great success with our clients.


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