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December 2011 Newsletter
James Walker (right) winning at Estoril
September 2011

For the Journey!

Our October Newsletter featured "Back from the Future" a workshop for engaging whole teams in creating their future together and planning the journey to get there.

With the global events of the last two years and this week's gloomy economic predictions, we know that the road will not be easy for some, so it will be important to think about how teams work together in dealing with the "what-if"s and high levels of uncertainty.

To reflect this, we have designed a workshop in partnership with James Walker Motorsport, that enables teams to better prepare for the journey, using a Grand Prix Simulation.

So, all the thrills and spills, ups and downs, good days/bad days associated with delivering business goals, captured in a stimulating, adrenalin-charged activity that makes 100% connections between winning the race and delivering departmental or business plans in a fast-changing environment.

In two days we combine:

  • The Preparation
  • The Grand Prix (where you will drive on professional F1 race car simulators)
  • The De-Brief

    To ensure absolute reality, James Walker, the professional racing driver, will be working with us throughout the two days.

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  • Learning for Today's & Tomorrow's Business Challenges

    Many leadership teams don't appear to have any individual or team learning "gaps" that need to be filled when business is "steady state". However, in the current environment which is definitely not "steady state", most of us will be focusing our energy on finding new ways of addressing today's tactical challenges, as well as tomorrow's strategic ones.

    The future (which starts tomorrow) is unpredictable. So, whilst leadership teams understandably don't respond well to an unfocused "initiative", a short introduction to some tools for self-directed learning, which help to address potential challenges they foresee in the immediate and mid-term future can be of real value.

    Our extensive research into Natural Learning (see May 2011 Newsletter) has enabled us to provide a unique, one-day workshop for members of leadership teams who want to manage their own learning through difficult times.

    Our outline purpose in these workshops is:

    "To provide a range of self-directed learning tools that will enable leaders to develop individual and team plans that address current and future personal and business performance requirements".


    Participants leave the workshop with greater understanding of:
    • How to use self-directed learning tools for personal and business development planning.
    • How to make best use of their personal learning style.
    • How to develop their own strategies and tactics for learning.
    • How self-directed learning can help them to work together in addressing their collective leadership challenges.
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    More Black Swans Ahead?

    Most of our recent work has focused on increased Energy and Engagement in teams. One of the recurring themes has been the increasing number of entirely unexpected events that can have a significant impact on a team and business.

    Like "Black Swans" no one can predict when they are coming, but teams can be better prepared if they regularly consider possible future scenarios.

    Question: How do scenarios differ from the usual predictions or forecasts used for planning and budgeting?

    Answer: They are possible pictures of tomorrow that can help teams to see different risks, threats, opportunities and options.

    So the benefits come from stimulating wider-ranging thinking about the balance of strengths and weaknesses in a team's future business position that can provide information to make the necessary contingency plans.

    For several years we have been providing a Scenario Thinking module as part of our strategy development work with leadership teams. Facilitation through "stories" is a core skill at Wadenhoe and recently we have introduced this one-day "stand-alone" workshop to enable clients to think differently about their short, medium and long-term strategies and tactics.

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    The Scarcest Resource of All

    We are told by many organisations that finding talented people to resource current and future plans, is their most significant challenge. In the current business environment, shining a light on this "black hole" of talent, which is already inside the organisation, is more important than ever.

    From our extensive work with Assessment & Development Centres (see October Newsletter), we have learnt the power of constructing events that are open to all and avoid disenfranchising people who don't yet have commercial experience and/or understanding of business analysis tools.

    We know that with the help of Line Managers, who are the local "eyes and ears" for talent identification, excellent people are being discovered in the middle of organisations. However, this must be matched with an Assessment & Development Centre that provides an even playing field, regardless of education and technical background.

    At Wadenhoe, our workshops focus on just eight Core Transferable Capabilities, which can be identified using three, background neutral exercises. This coupled with our preliminary Role Scoping enables us to answer the question: "Talent for What?", which is the key to meaningful feedback and career planning discussions.

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    Not all potential clients realise that at least 25% of our business is pure, investigative consultancy. We are often asked to carry out internal research on a particular organizational issue and make recommendations for action, without the delivery.

    As everyone in our team has senior General and HR Management experience across all sectors, we are able to provide an exact match between our people and individual client requirements. This, coupled with use of the integrated approach provided by The Wadenhoe Model®, always ensures actionable, practical, business-focused outcomes.

    Ray Atkinson
    Managing Director

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